Go Raw Vegan!
The Raw Reset with TannyRaw



July 8—August 4, 2019

Take a month-long journey with TannyRaw and transform your health through a low fat raw vegan diet.


Say Hello To Real Food. Real People. Real Results.

The Raw Reset is a 4-week immersive raw vegan online coaching program that meets you where you are and takes you on a clear path to forward to reaching your health goals.  

Each day, for 30 days, I jump into the Private Facebook Group and lead the discussion with research, resources, and rituals for self-care, preparing food, planning ahead, committing to it, and making it happen!  

The Raw Reset is designed to help you:

  • Fuel your body with live plant-based raw foods that give back tenfold
  • Understand why low fat raw vegan eating can transform your health
  • Find energy you never knew your body could even handle (It's in there, friend)
  • Lose, gain, or maintain weight based on your personal plan
  • Release the mental fog and sharpen your mind
  • Clear your skin and other vital organs of toxic accumulation and build-up
  • Give your immunity a super-boost
  • Get the best sleep you've had in years
  • Let go of old dieting patterns and commit to long-term health results 

The Core Components Of The Raw Reset

Personalized Plan You receive a plan based on your goals, calorie needs and health issues. It guides you in what to eat each day and gives you options to fit your needs. It includes a workbook to help you succeed in your journey.

Personalized Raw Vegan Plan

Daily Content - Live + Recorded In the facebook group, you will receive daily specialized content for your group. Learn the skills you need to be successful in your personal health journey.

Raw Vegan Diet
Raw Vegan Diet

Private Facebook Support Group You will have access to an exclusive private facebook group where you will join with the other Resetters for help and support.

Raw Vegan Diet

Weekly Q&A Every week Tanny will come on live to answer your questions and give you extra support and cheerleading. You’ve got this!

Extra! Bonus!

TannyRaw Raw Vegan eBooks

You will also receive an ecopy of Do Different. Get Different., a guided journal to help you track your successes on your journey, AND Dressing For Any Occasion, an ebook guide for making the perfect dressing every time.

Raw Vegan Diet
Low Fat Raw Vegan

"For anyone on the fence about enrolling in Tanny’s Raw Reset I would strongly encourage you to give it a chance. This experience is life changing in so many ways. Learning how to go raw and being supported by Tanny and other group members is amazing. 

I have tried to go raw many times and failed. This was the first time it worked for me. I now know that I was not working with all the pieces of the puzzle in my earlier attempts. Tanny’s meal plans are super easy to stick to. The food is beyond enjoyable. Thanks for everything Tanny!! Your light shines so bright that it is able to lead others away from the darkness. Thank you."


TannyRaw Raw Vegan Eating


Moving to a Raw Vegan diet changed my life completely.

Before my change to a Low Fat Raw Vegan (LFRV) lifestyle, I, like countless others, suffered from a host of health issues— from lethargy and brain fog to IBS and nodular acne. I hated leaving the house, getting dressed, and even socializing with people I cherished most—until the day I put one foot forward and began my journey from vegetarian to vegan to raw vegan.

Over the course of months, I lost 86 pounds, cleared my body of years of toxic buildup, and even experienced a dramatic change in my eye color on a low fat raw vegan diet and lifestyle.  


During the Raw Reset, I share my tips and strategies for feeling better by eating the right foods for you. You will be guided through my philosophy, to take in “Everything you need. Nothing you don’t,” so that you fall in love with food (the way I did) and empower yourself to make the change from feeling drab, tired, ill, and unworthy to alive, healthy, vibrant, and free.

"What an absolute life changing event I have experienced with the Raw Reset! Tanny’s love and guidance were game changers for me! Never has weight loss been so effortless! The fact that my negative self-talk ended and it became more about great health and greater mental clarity was an eye opening experience. I am forever grateful that Tanny 'loved me until I could love myself'! Thank you, Tanny!"


Low Fat Raw Vegan
Low Fat Raw Vegan
Low Fat Raw Vegan
Low Fat Raw Vegan


Raw Vegan Diet

"The Raw Reset will transform you from the inside out! Stick to it, trust the process, and learn to love yourself again! Tanny is thorough and committed to answering questions and sharing her knowledge. Thanks again Tanny!"

—Olivia M.

Raw Vegan Diet

"The Raw Reset has changed my life. Tanny has taught me how to love myself. When I can love myself things like food and setting boundaries in my life are easier to do. With this Reset you will get way more than food coaching. You will get total life changing coaching!"

—Candy B.

Raw Vegan Diet

“The Raw Reset gave me daily inner strength to do the right thing & not feel alone. I am still slipping & sliding a bit, but am now far more consistent than I have ever been & it’s improving. The four weeks were intense but in a very positive way – it pushed me to be honest & face my fears. Now it has ended I genuinely feel sad but so grateful as I feel empowered & know that I can do this. Tanny you are a brilliant communicator. Your words are in my head.”

—Malin W.

Raw Vegan Diet

“I just completed TannyRaw’s Raw Reset this past month. I had tried going raw several times before but never quite understood how to do it correctly. I had been struggling once again on my own for the past 9 months, while watching her videos, losing some weight but not really understanding exactly what I was doing and not losing as much as I knew was possible. But by applying the information she gave us in the Reset group, I began dropping weight faster. I very much enjoyed working with the other people in our group sharing ideas, encouragement and recipes. I like working with Tanny because she is right on. She doesn’t partially live what she preaches, she lives it completely and is an amazingly joyful example of what is possible with this way of eating.”

—Pam C.

Raw Vegan Diet

“Tanny’s Raw Reset will give you every tool needed to healthfully master this longevity lifestyle. She covers everything from yours mindset to what goes in your mouth. I lost around 16-20 lbs. and everyone has noticed. It’s not an easy journey but you will feel the difference by the end and your body will thank you. Commit and do the thang for 30 days! Thanks Tanny.”

—Jill C.


If you're ready to commit to yourself—to really live your life with love and light—you can start here. Come, make change with me.